A podcast exploring design as a social phenomenon.

Design is about choices

Aware of it or not, the choices designers make when creating anything from a logo to a chair to a building serves as a reflection not just of them, but of the collective values, goals, and fears of the culture they’re designing in. Those choices ultimately become judgements — conscious and unconscious, loud and quiet, intentional or not —  about how things and people should fit into the world.

With Intent is about looking at the choices designers are making today, and have made in the past, and exploring the impact of those choices on the people who live with those choices every day.

We’re in production

With Intent is currently in production, and we’ll be releasing our first 5 episodes later this year.

You can follow us through the production of this first season here. We’ll be posting photos and some of our thoughts on each episode as we work on them. If you want to be notified when episode 1 launches, add your email below.

If you'd like to contribute to any of the episodes below, or if you have an idea for another episode, email us at contribute@withintent.org